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Dynamic Living ~ Leslie Taylor, M.A.


First Introductory Session is FREE!

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What is Personal Coaching? What is a coach? Most of us are familiar with football or basketball or soccer coaches. They know the rules of the game and teach the players and encourage them to play their best, develop their excellence, play by the rules and respect their fellow players.

A Life Coach fulfills many of these same functions from a different perspective. We all need assistance at times, getting through rough times, finding new routes to our goals, looking for positive support for our dreams.

Coaching can involve one on one work in person or can be done on the phone after an initial interview.

Each person is different and has different needs. We work together as a team to assess values and apply discoveries to what matters most in the moment, always working to keep you aligned in your integrity and taking action on what is in your highest good.

Scheduling your appointment is easy!
1st Introductory Session is FREE!

e-mail  or Call  714 969-1058 for appointment time. You are responsible for calling in at your appointed time.

1st Regular session   1 Hr @ $125  Continuing sessions are booked in 20 minute segments each @ $30.

You may schedule 1 or more 20 minute sessions.  Again, you make the call at your appointment time.

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Leslie Taylor, M.A. Dynamic Living


Alliance for Growth ~ Partnering with Exceptional Experts in Related Fields
In order to promote the total evolution of the Self, Dynamic Living is committed to a course of promoting total wellness and well being for its clients and the clients of members of the Alliance.

It is duly recognized that in partnership we can bring a greater range of knowledge, abilities, skills and talents to the process of assisting people becoming well and staying healthy - as a total being - mind, body and Spirit - in balance and living in harmony in the Universe.

In the exchange of talents and abilities, sharing our knowledge, we can form a strong union of energy supporting the expanding growth and evolution of our clients. Dynamic Living brings another dimension to the facilitation of individuals and small groups in deepening the clients experience of the mind/body connection in order to facilitate depth of healing. Total wellness and well being is the goal.

Leslie Taylor, M.A. Dynamic Living   

If you are interested in becoming a partner in The Alliance for Growth,

Call 714/969-1058 or e-mail us and tell us about you and what your contribution might be.

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