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All workshops created & facilitated by Leslie Taylor, M.A.

Dynamic Workshops ~ Leslie Taylor, M.A.


  • Correctly identifying stress factors in your life is the first step to consistent success.
  • Stress and Distress are more than just words we use to identify causes of how we feel about our jobs and relationships. Illnesses and diseases that are stress-related are responsible for more misery and deaths than almost anything in our society.
  • This Creative Stress Solutions Workshop provides tools for investigating the physical manifestations of stress and how it effects our willingness and productivity; how it saps our energy and enthusiasm and how, left unchanged, it can eventually lead to serious health problems. The emotions that serious stress evokes can interfere with our ability to perform effectively, communicate honestly and can lead to behavior that is certainly not in our best interest.
  • The purpose of this workshop is to be able to live a more balanced and productive life, changing behavior for positive living.

    Leslie Taylor, M.A. Dynamic Living

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Accessing Excellence is a unique interactive workshop designed to investigate and modify behavior that may not support participants in creating excellence in their lives. Participants are encouraged to follow their discovery process, initiate behavior modifications and ground their successes with their own personal programs for integrating significant learning. Results can be astonishing!

Experience the discovery of how you define personal excellence and how that relates to the way you interact in your world. Learn to apply this information to goal setting and effective teamwork.

Enjoy the process of renewal of joy and excitement about your work, relationships and life.

  • PURPOSE - Provide effective tools for interactive goal setting and communications for continuing personal success.
  • BENEFITS - Personal renewal, commitment to behavior conducive to achieving personal and team goals, getting it all done with excellence, grace and ease.

    Leslie Taylor, M.A. Dynamic Living 
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A valuable asset to the bottom line - keeping employees well and on the job!

This Employee Wellness Program is an important addition to your corporate wellness program.

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