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Leslie Taylor, M.A.

Leslie Taylor, MA    Dynamic Living      Your Facilitator

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Leslie is a graduate of the University of Santa Monica, specializing in soul-centered education. Leslie has been a student of the yoga way of life and philosophy for more than  30 years and a certified teacher of  Hatha Yoga for  25 years. She has extensive experience in leadership roles in Personal Development Seminars, and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. Leslie also has  a B.A. in Theatre Arts and Speech Communications and works as an actress in commercials, film & TV.

Leslie created Dynamic Living in 1992 with the purpose of providing a fun environment filled with discovery and relevant learning for personal growth and evolution...to enable participants of her programs to live a more balanced and productive life, changing behavior for positive living.

Ms. Taylor's education and training in numerous areas of metaphysics and her experience in presentation combine to form a unique ability to assist others in their personal growth and evolution. The interactive nature of the workshops she has designed, lead to excellent results for participants - and results are guaranteed.

Everything begins within~ In any moment you can make a choice that can alter the quality of your life and, possibly, the course of your life. Dynamic Living is in service to, and supports you in, having your life exactly the way that you've always dreamed it could be.

  Leslie Taylor, M.A. Dynamic Living 


Your future belongs to you! You are the person who has complete dominion over the rest of your life! You can choose to have this life any way that you want it to be....You already have. If some of your choices do not seem to be serving your goals, your needs, and/or your highest good, perhaps some changes may be in order. Endless possibilities are open for you. This is one of them!





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 Yoga Classes & Workshops


Newport Beach  

Fountain Valley

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Registration Information


City of Newport Beach Community Services

Tel. 949-644-3151

City of Fountain Valley


"A Matter of Balance" CD’s are presented as a useful tool in the ongoing learning process for yoga students. Each CD contains a complete beginning/intermediate yoga class starting with a centering process, body movement through asanas, and ending with a relaxation process. Each class is approximately 40 minutes long.

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"Give Yourself a Break...a short & sweet practical, spiritual guide"


IS NOW AVAILABLE!! …a new and wonderful book for you.

Chapters include, “Creating Joy & Wonder”, “Perfection, everyone’s addiction and there is a cure”, “Reflection, everyone’s your mirror and it works both ways”, “Harmony, not about singing in parts but rather having all the parts singing together”, and “Healing, it all begins within”.

An excerpt….

“Most importantly, we all share the need to love and be loved, unconditionally, and to communicate that love in appropriate ways. We share the need to feel loved, without judgment. We need to know that we are worthy. And, we most definitely are. We know this innately and yet life has a way of sometimes punching us until we lose touch with our preciousness. We forget that we are beautiful and have a loving heart. The good news is that none of this goes away; it is always inside just waiting to be rediscovered.”


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Where is Leslie??

Leslie is actively seeking work

as an actress in commercials, film & TV

Actors Access

What is Dynamic Living ?

  • DYNAMIC LIVING is dedicated to the personal growth and development of humans...Being.

  • DYNAMIC LIVING offers an environment for the discovery of aspects of our thinking and behavior which can create a negative impact on the way we live; on ourselves, on our families, on our personal and business relationships.  These aspects may very well not serve our highest good and  need some revision.

  • DYNAMIC LIVING offers an environment for investigating our issues and creatively questioning our concepts of reality. Through a variety of methods, participants will begin to discover layers of who they are as well as practical ideas for incorporating change into their lives when change is indicated and desired. 

  • DYNAMIC LIVING offers effective tools for change when change is indicated. The approaches and tools that are offered are the gift participants will take with them to use throughout their lives.

  • DYNAMIC LIVING emphasizes: valuing ourselves no matter where we are in life; recognizing our worth; discovering truthfully where we are and where we want to go in life; what contributions we want to make to ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities and our world.

    DYNAMIC LIVING ...It all begins within!    Leslie Taylor, M.A. Dynamic Living


The Women's Forum

Call 714/969-1058 or e-mail  for the location & details of scheduling

Various topics will be presented for discussion and healing: a few are listed below. The Women's Forum can be scheduled as a workshop in your city.

  • Unlimited Loving

  • Living your Worthiness

  • The value of connectedness

  • Moving beyond thinking into feelings, or, how to be out of your mind and still function at a high level of awareness

  • Healing, it all begins within

  • Perfection, everyone’s addiction, there is a “cure”

  • Acceptance – Creating Peace Within


"Leslie’s workshops are stimulating and purposeful. The sessions are designed to enhance the growth process for each participant, regardless of the individual’s level of understanding. Leslie has devoted herself to assisting others in their personal and professional growth and has spent years in training and developing these skills. Her insight and ability to reach each person, founded in love and offered in a supportive environment, make the experience truly memorable." Sarah Johnson, Attorney

"I have taken several of Leslie's workshops. Each one has been creative, interesting and fun in its scope. I have always had very POSITIVE experiences...which include "breakthroughs." Kathleen Scott,
Astrologer,  advocate for better TV programming:   www.anewday-anewway.com, and  for higher consciousness www.cosmiconnections.com.

"Hi Leslie, I have attended two of your yoga sessions and 1 workshop. Your ........style is gentle & effective. I love the way you talk us through the moves, empowering us to push ourselves, but never to the point of injury. I think you are a terrific teacher. Thank you."  Denyse McElroy, Campaign Manager, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

"Leslie's yoga classes have been transformational in my life.  She really focuses on the 'inside - out' process of clearing away negative energy and opening up pathways to greater health and fulfillment. "  Joan Ramstedt,  Professional and Personal Life Coach .

"Leslie was able to act as a functioning brain when mine was out of order and overloaded on high & low emotions. She  effectively coached me through a break up with a company I had been working at for 3 years and dearly loved the people and product, but did not have a good job fit."  Virginia Lukei, Sales Professional


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Call 714/969-1058 or  e-mail today for the location & details of scheduling any of our workshops for your company

or as a public seminar.  To receive our Newlsetter Contact Us!

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